The 39th Ventotene International Seminar: Shaping the Future of Europe and Beyond

The 39th Ventotene International Seminar, jointly organized by the Spinelli Institute, UEF Italy, JEF Italy, and JEF Europe, proved to be a vibrant forum for a diverse array of ideas and perspectives. This annual event brought together participants from Europe and across the globe, converging to engage in thoughtful discussions, through formal sessions and nonformal working groups, on European and world federalism.

The seminar kicked off with a joint session alongside the national seminar, providing a platform for profound reflections on the historic Ventotene Manifesto and its ongoing relevance in shaping Europe’s destiny. Conversations revolved around the imperative to balance deeper integration in specific policy areas with the need for political unity and structural reforms. This discussion unfolded against the backdrop of the complex challenges posed by digital transformation and ecological sustainability.

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As the seminar progressed, attention turned to the troubling resurgence of conflict within Europe, particularly with the current situation in Ukraine and the broader global landscape marked by international disorder. Federalism emerged as a compelling solution, offering a blueprint for the institutionalization of conflicts. Animated debates centered on the establishment of a fiscal capacity for the EU, recognized as a fundamental step toward realizing genuine European political autonomy.

Another pivotal aspect of the discussions revolved around the intricate relationship between federalism and democracy. These deliberations culminated in an exploration of various federalist proposals for Treaty Reform, after the Conference on the Future of Europe, and their potential impact on the future of European governance.

Amidst these stimulating exchanges, participants enjoyed a boat trip around Ventotene, an emotionally charged concert by Francesco Taskayali, and the International Night, a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity where individuals and groups shared their unique traditions.

Notably, the seminar transcended continental boundaries by welcoming participants from India and Argentina, highlighting the global relevance of federalism as a guiding principle for international cooperation and governance.

In conclusion, Ventotene remains a significant milestone in our collective journey. It has evolved from its roots in the resistance era to confront contemporary challenges. The enduring vision encapsulated within the Ventotene Manifesto continues to guide our path to build a future characterized by peace, unity, and prosperity, not only for Europe but for the entire world. The commitments forged here resonate globally, underscoring our shared mission to shape a more promising tomorrow.

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