Prodi: “There is no Europe without Italy” – Goulard, Monti and Prodi at the opening of the Ventotene Seminar

In a room packed with young people, the XXXVIII Federalist Seminar organized by the Spinelli Institute opened on Sunday 1 September in Ventotene, with the participation of Sylvie Goulard, candidate for European Commissioner, Senator Mario Monti and President Romano Prodi.

Sylvie Goulard stressed that “even if starting from different national histories and attentive to the fears of citizens in the face of change, it is essential that Europeans know how to play a team game. The new Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is a person of great ability and will finally lead a Commission with gender equality “.

Mario Monti said that “the Ventotene Manifesto is a precious compass and a guiding star for the new generations. Europe is the ally, the friend of young people, because it protects future generations with its policies: from the fight against climate change to that of not downloading an exorbitant public debt on those who still do not vote ”.

Romano Prodi highlighted the political and cultural importance of the Ventotene Seminar, which should become a regular European appointment. “Today Europe is facing new urgencies, which require it to act together. Europe is also and above all a bastion of democracy and rights. As it happened with the introduction of the euro, Europe will find the soul and warm hearts if it knows how to make great decisions again. The urgencies are foreign policy, defense, environment, immigration and above all a great European plan of social investments (education, health, home).

Italy has always played a major role in overcoming divergences among other countries and cementing unity. We have lost this role, but the favorable vote of the M5S to President von der Leyen is a good thing. In fact, there is no Europe without Italy ”.

Program of the Seminars, 1-6 September 2019