Next Generation EU: a Recovery Plan for the European Union, Italy and local and regional authorities

The European Council on 17-18 July will be crucial for the economic recovery of EU states. The new Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 and the Recovery fund (until 2024), which the European Commission, supported by the European Parliament, is proposing for approval by the European Summit so that EU states can be effectively supported after the Covid-19 crisis, are under discussion.

In order to deepen the themes and opportunities of the Recovery fund and its related programme called Next Generation EU, the Institute of Federalist Studies and the MFE section “Altiero Spinelli” of Latina organized the conference:

Next Generation EU: a Recovery Plan for the European Union, Italy and Local Authorities (EVENT IN ITALIAN)
16 July 2020 – 6 pm – Morgan School – via Farini, 2, Latina

Mario Leone – Deputy Director Institute Altiero Spinelli of Federalist Studies

Alessandro Capriccioli – President of Commission II European Affairs – Lazio Regional Council
Carlo Medici – President of the Province of Latina
Domenico Guidi – Mayor of Bassiano
Valeria Campagna – President of the International City Commission Municipality of Latina
Roberto Santaniello – European Commission Representation in Italy
Roberto Ricciuti – Luigi Einaudi Foundation
Giorgio Anselmi – President of the Institute of Federalist Studies Altiero Spinelli
Nicoletta Pirozzi – International Affairs Institute
Manuel Manotta – Netherlands European Documentation Centre

Francesca Neiviller- President of the European Federalist Movement – Latina

Michele Fabietti – Pontine Value APS

Technical coordination:
Roberto Bastevole – Gioventù Federalista Europea

It is possible to follow the live on Facebook (@MfeLatina) or to be present by registering at the following address: by and no later than 1pm on Thursday 16 July (subject to availability, limited as a result of the provisions on social distancing).