80 years of Europe, the Ventotene Manifesto

As part of the October-November 2021 program, on Friday 26 November the Conviviale in interclub will be held between the Rotary Club Saronno and the Rotary Club San Marco Latina with a conference on the Ventotene Manifesto.

Eugenio Colorni a European activist

ON THE OCCASION OF THE 80th ANNIVERSARY OF THE VENTOTENE MANIFESTO -CONVENTION- VENTOTENE 9 OCTOBER 2021 – 4.30 pmEUGENIO COLORNI A EUROPEAN ACTIVISTGreeting address Gerardo Santomauro, Mayor of Ventotene They argue Geri Cerchiai, CNR Institute for the history of modern philosophical and scientific thought Eugenio’s cultural formation Luca Meldolesi, economist, former professor of economic policyEugenio’s […]

The Unity of Europe. Utopia or Reality?

As part of the Educating for Europe Project that the Spinelli Institute is collaborating on with the European Federalist Movement in the Latina section, three appointments will be held on November 15, 2021.The first appointment is set at 10.40 am at the Liceo Grassi in Latina: Journey to Europe. Between stories and books. Educating for […]

European Heritage Days

On the occasion of the European Heritage Day.Organized by the State Archives of Latina, two mornings, 25 and 26 September, dedicated to the European elections, the first, by direct suffrage, in 1979, to the European Parliament.With the participation of the Institute of Federalist Studies “Altiero Spinelli” with the vice president Gabriele Panizzi and the director […]

Director Federico Brunelli at the event “Farewell Mario Draghi” in Frankfurt

28/10/2019 As director of Altiero Spinelli Institute, today I had the honor to attend the event “Farewell Mario Draghi” in Frankfurt. I also had the opportunity to thank #Draghi on behalf of European Federalists. This man is a revolutionary. Not only he has defended the euro #whateverittakes and adapted the policies of European Central Bank to the […]

The landmarks of our past in the shaping of our future

Online Conference – May 10, 2021  Eighty years ago, Altiero Spinelli and his companions issued the Federalist Manifesto For a Free and United Europe. A Draft Manifesto in their prison on the island of Ventotene. Seventy years ago, six countries signed the Treaty of Paris creating the Coal and Steel European Community, the first practical step […]

“BUON VENTO” On April 30, 2021 the online presentation:

On 30 April 2021 the online presentation: https://giovanifederalisti.eu/buonvento/ Buon Vento is a documentary, born from an idea of ​​the European Federalist Youth (GFE), which tells the experience of the federalist training seminar held in Ventotene. Hundreds of girls and boys from all over the world who meet on the island for a week every year […]

A wandering European

30 years since the death of Ursula HirschmannFacebook live on the page of the Altiero Spinelli Institute for Federalist Studies @IstitutoSpinelli(event in Italian) Conversations withPier Virgilio Dastoli, President European Movement ItalyFrancesco Gui, President MFE LazioGabriele Panizzi, Vice President Altiero Spinelli Institute of Federalist Studies Greetings bySilvia Costa, Special Commissioner of the Government for the recovery […]

European coffees: A new democratic model or greater disintegration?

The third online meeting of the project called “European Coffee” which was developed by student associations linked to the University of Trieste will be held on 24 March from 18 to 19. The event will be broadcast live on the Facebook (c) page of MSOI Gorizia. Discussion with Professor Gianfranco Pasquino, political scientist, Professor Emeritus of Political […]