“The Formation of the European Party System”

The volume “The formation of the European party system” has been published
by the Atlantide in the revised edition by the authors of the XI “Quaderno
di Ventotene”.

Result of the contributions of Ezio Mauro, Lucio Levi, Sergio Fabbrini and Gianfranco Pasquino on the occasion of the conference held in Ventotene (Latina) on September 4, 2021, at the “Altiero Spinelli” School, organized by the Einstein Center for International Studies (Centro studi Einstein
sugli studi internazionali) with the Institute of federalists studies Altiero Spinelli and with the Center for studies on federalism (Centro studi sul federalismo).

The printed edition is in two versions, in Italian and English, and was edited by the director of the Spinelli Institute Mario Leone.

From the back cover:

“The European parliament is animated by political groups that are not connected to political parties at a national level. It lies in their ability to become “federative” of the new Union, and then to finally bring Spinelli’s battle to a constitutional status and then to an end. It is not an ideal goal, but certainly a real one, and political parties, albeit not
being organised and osmotically represented in the European Parliament, can be real lifeblood if they set the goal of the European federation as an obligatory result for the salvation of democracies in Europe, and if they continue to be a beacon for the reform of the global government system.” (Mario Leone)

“The logic of federal parties is driven by the need to bring together a set of different parties, heterogeneous in a certain way, in a vast union of states such as the European Union in order to form in the European
Parliament and hence the large majorities that are necessary to lead the Union. The vote has a true democratic meaning if voters perceive that the exercise of their right allows things to change. If the stakes in the
European elections tend to become the choice of the government of Europe,
this means that an institutional evolution will bring us closer to the formation of an authentic European party system and it will be on the agenda.” (Lucio Levi)

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