Sunday august 30th opens the Ventotene 2020 seminar

The 39th Federalist Formation Seminar opens on Sunday 30th August on the island where the Manifesto inspiring European Unity was written, . Among the guests of the event there are the members of the European Parliament Brando Benifei, Salvatore De Meo, Domènec Devesa, Sandro Gozi, Massimiliano Smeriglio, the paramentaries Alessandro Fusacchia, Tommaso Nannicini, Lia Quartapelle, the journalist of Repubblica Andrea Bonanni, who will receive the journalistic prize “Altiero Spinelli”.

30/08/2020 – Ventotene (LT) “Federalism in Europe and in the world. From Monetary Union to the United States of Europe” is the title of the 39th edition of the Federalist Training Seminar, scheduled from 30 August to 4 September, organized by the Institute of Federalist Studies Altiero Spinelli. The most topical themes, from the crisis caused by the pandemic to the launch of the Next Generation EU fund to the instability of the world picture, will be at the centre of relations and debates in the island where more than seventy years ago Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi wrote the Ventotene Manifesto. “The umpteenth global crisis triggered by the outbreak of the pandemic makes the relaunching of the European unification process increasingly indifferent. In these months a willingness to face the crisis together has emerged, which must be consolidated with a profound reform of the European institutions that will make European solidarity permanent and offer a model of unity to be presented to the world, for a cooperative approach in the face of the enormous global challenges we are facing. At the Seminar in Ventotene, 120 young people meet to deepen federalist thinking and discuss operational proposals for the launch of a strong political initiative for the European Federation and for a governed world,” stresses Federico Brunelli, Director of the Altiero Spinelli Institute.

Sunday 30 August at 5 pm.00, the opening ceremony, entitled “Per un’Europa comunità di destino” (For a Europe community of destiny) will be attended by Giorgio Anselmi (President of the Istituto di Studi Federalisti Altiero Spinelli), Gerardo Santomauro (Mayor of Ventotene), Antonio Argenziano (Secretary General for European Federalist Youth), Alessandra Sartore (Councillor for Economic Planning and Budget of the Lazio Region), Francesco Tufarelli (Prime Minister’s Office), Alessandro Fusacchia (MEP), Domènec Devesa (MEP), Salvatore De Meo (MEP) and Pier Virgilio Dastoli (President of European Movement in Italy).

The sixth edition of the “Antonio Saggio” Prize, Advocate General of the Court of Justice and first and so far only Italian President of the Court of First Instance in Luxembourg, will therefore be awarded to a young participant.

Friday 4 September at 9 a.m. 30, the final session of the Seminar “European Solidarity vs Nationalism: towards political union”, chaired by Federico Brunelli (Director of the Institute of Federalist Studies Altiero Spinelli), will host the speeches of Luisa Trumellini (Secretary General of the European Federalist Movement), Paolo Acunzo (Vice-President of the European Federalist Movement), Matteo Gori (President of the European Federalist Youth), Alessandro Capriccioli (President of the Commission for European and International Affairs of the Regional Council of Lazio), Carlo Medici (President of the Province of Latina), Silvia Costa (Extraordinary Commissioner for the recovery of the former prison of Santo Stefano) Antonella Valmorbida (Secretary General ALDA), Tommaso Nannicini (Senator), Lia Quartapelle (Member of Parliament), Sandro Gozi (Member of the European Parliament and President of the Union of European Federalists), Massimiliano Smeriglio (Member of the European Parliament).

The day will conclude with the awarding of the tenth edition of the “Altiero Spinelli” Journalist Award to Andrea Bonanni, journalist from Repubblica.

During the six days of the Seminar, representatives of the European Federalist Movement, partner organisations (International Affairs Institute, Centre for Studies on Federalism, European Movement Italy, Sturzo Institute), the University and the political and institutional world will alternate as speakers.

At the end of the Seminar, on 4 September from 5 p.m., the Institute of Federalist Studies Altiero Spinelli, with the Municipality of Ventotene, the contribution of the Regional Council of Lazio, the patronage of the Representation in Italy of the European Commission and the Province of Latina, organised a round table with the councillors and local administrators of Lazio, entitled “Next Generation EU, Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 and other European instruments. Proposals for a relaunch of local authorities“. Participants will include Mauro Buschini, President of the Lazio Regional Council, Vito Borrelli, Deputy Head of the Representation in Italy of the European Commission, Daniele Leodori, Vice President of the Lazio Regional Council, Alessandro Capriccioli, President II Commission for European and International Affairs, Cooperation between Peoples, Lazio Regional Council, Carlo Medici, President of the Province of Latina, as well as university professors Emma Galli, Alberto Majocchi and Fabio Masini.

Programme of the seminar (30 August – 4 September) and of the round table (4 September)

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The Institute of Federalist Studies “Altiero Spinelli” was established on 3 July 1987, in the seat of the Regional Council of Lazio, just over a year after the death of Altiero Spinelli, the great supporter of a supranational European community.

The Association is non-profit making. It aims to contribute with every means, inspired by the teaching of Altiero Spinelli, to the study and diffusion of federalist culture. To this end the Institute organises internships, conferences, events, promotes research, edits and disseminates publications.

On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the death of Altiero Spinelli, May 21, 2006, the Institute organized an event in Ventotene, in which, among others, participated the President of the Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, the Ministers of the Italian Government Giuliano Amato, Emma Bonino and Tommaso Padoa Schioppa.

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