Summer School 2016 – Join the future of Europe!

Application for the 2016 Venetotene National and International Seminars are now open!

Europe is at a turning point: the alternative is “unite or perish”, recalling an expression used by the French Foreign Minister Aristide Briand in 1929 when it introduced the first proposal for European unification emanates from a government. The Spinelli Institute, has always been involved in the spread of the ideals of Altiero Spinelli and training for active citizenship of young generations, dedicated workshops this year to the theme: monetary union with the United States of Europe.

The problems facing the European states, with strong migration to political instability in the countries to Europe’s borders, the inability to take a robust growth path to the challenge that technological innovation poses to the labor market, can not be addressed at the national level.

The Schengen area is in danger as well as the prospect of peace and prosperity for the younger generation.

This summer, do not stand idly by. Making Europe also depends on YOU!