President Boldrini cancel her participation to the Ventotene Seminar

As a result of the devastating earthquake that hit central Italy, the Speaker of the House has canceled her participation in the two-European days scheduled in Ventotene for Saturday 27 and Sunday 28.

In thanking the organizers of the President, who has decided to remain in these days in the areas affected by the earthquake Brands, said: “The meeting was supposed to be a strong moment of commitment, but also of celebration for the new Europe that parliaments and citizens demand. you can not live it with serene soul in the days when Italy is bent by a pain so great. “

We confirm to the participants that the Ventotene Seminars will begin regular Saturday, August 27 according to the popular program and that there were no difficulties, linked to the earthquake events, to reach the port of Formia and Ventotene Island.